Our     policy     on     privacy     is     straightforward.     In     short,     any
information   you   submit   to   us   will   remain   absolutely   private   and
will not be shared with third-party companies.
Regarding   the   Archiprix   Study   Tour   participation   you   accept
with   your   application      that   we   have   to   share   your   personal   data
with    our    travel    partners    in    order    to    ensure    a    secure    and
reputable    booking.    All    given    data    will    be    used    for    these
purposes   only.   You   accept   also   that   our   travel   partner   might
get   in   direct   contact   to   you   whenever   booking   terms   or   special
circumstances are requiring this.   
If you’re interested in the lawyerly details, read on.
Categories of Information
Information    about    you    can    be    categorized    as    (a)    personally
identifiable     information,     or     (b)     non-personally     identifiable
information.   “Personally   identifiable   information”   is   information
that   we   collect   from   you   such   as   your   name,   postal   address,
telephone    number,    fax    number    and    email    address.    “Non-
personally     identifiable     information”     is     information     that     we
collect    from    you    that    does    not    include    your    name    or    any
information that would allow us to contact you.
How We Use and Disclose Information
Some   of   the   ways   in   which   we   use   your   personally   identifiable
information   may   include   using   it   to   fulfill   your   orders,   to   provide
you   with   information   that   you   may   request   and   to   customize
your    website    experience.    If,    at    the    point    where    you    give    us
personally   identifiable   information,   a   box   is   checked   indicating
that   you   would   like   to   receive   information   about   special   offers
and     promotions,     then     Hunter     Douglas     will     also     use     such
personally   identifiable   information   to   send   you   information   that
we   believe   might   be   of   interest   to   you.   It   is   important   for   you   to
understand   that   we   use   contractors   (e.g.,   delivery   services)   to
help     us     operate     our     business.     We     generally     require     that
contractors   not   disclose   personally   identifiable   information   or
use    it    other    than    as    necessary    to    perform    their    services    for
us.Because   we   care   about   your   privacy,   we   will   not   give   your
personally     identifiable     information     to     other     marketers     or
retailers    for    them    to    use    to    contact    you    about    offers    or
promotions   of   their   own   (other   than,   of   course,   in   connection
with   the   sale   of   our   business)   unless   a   box   is   checked   indicating
that    we    may    do    so    at    the    point    where    you    give    us    such
personally    identifiable    information.As    a    responsible    company,
we    believe    obeying    the    law    is    important.    Therefore,    we    may
disclose   personally   identifiable   information   in   order   to   comply
with   a   subpoena   or   court   order   or   when   we   are   required   to   do
so     by     law.     We     may     also     disclose     personally     identifiable
information     in     cooperation     with     a     law     enforcement     or
government   request.   It   is   important   for   you   to   understand   that
the   above   policies   and   restrictions   do   not   apply   to   our   use   or
disclosure   of   your   non-personally   identifiable   information.   We
may      freely      use      and      disclose      non-personally      identifiable
information     for     many     purposes     and     on     many     occasions.
Examples      of      how      we      use      and      disclose      non-personally
identifiable   information   include   measuring   and   analyzing   site
usage,   system   administration,   improving   our   site   and   providing
it    to    third    party    consultants,    clients,    advertisers,    vendors    and
How We Collect Information
We    collect    personally    identifiable    information    from    you    by
“active”   means,   in   other   words,   when   you   actively   give   us   the
information.   Examples   of   this   include   when   you   order   products,
fill   out   online   site   registration   forms,   request   that   we   send   you
information,   newsletters   or   brochures,   or   respond   to   our   surveys
or     other     requests     for     visitor     responses.     Like     many     other
commercial    websites,    we    collect    non-personally    identifiable
information   from   you   by   “passive”   means,   in   other   words,   by
tracking   your   use   of   the   site,   often   through   the   use   of   cookies.
That    information    includes,    among    other    things,    the    type    of
computer    operating    system    and    Internet    browser    that    are
being    used    and    the    domain    name    of    your    Internet    service
provider,   as   well   as   some   of   the   information   described   below.
This information helps us to interact with visitors to our site.
A   cookie   is   a   small   data   file   that   is   placed   on   your   computer’s
hard   drive   that   may   contain   information   (such   as   a   unique   user
ID)    that    a    website    may    use    to    track    certain    things.    We    use
cookies   in   order   to   improve   your   website   visit.   The   cookie   helps
us   track   the   pages   of   our   site   that   you   visit,   tells   us   whether   you
have   been   to   our   site   before   and   tells   us   which   website   you
visited   immediately   before   visiting   our   site,   but   does   not   tell   us
about   your   use   of   any   other   websites.   The   cookie   does   not   tell   us
who   you   are   or   how   to   contact   you,   unless   you   have   submitted
personally   identifiable   information   to   us   through   active   means.
You   can   keep   us   from   using   cookies   by   turning   them   off   in   your
browser.   However,   if   you   turn   off   your   cookies,   certain   parts   of
our website may not function.
Collection of Information by Third Parties via Links
Our   site   contains   links   to   other   sites,   including,   among   others,
those   of   some   of   our   customers.   Those   other   sites   may   have
privacy   policies   which   may   be   different   from   ours.   Visitors   using
such   links   should   consult   the   privacy   notices   associated   with
those   links.   Please   keep   in   mind   that   whenever   you   give   out
personal   information   online-for   example,   via   message   boards   or
chat   rooms-that   information   can   be   collected,   intercepted   and
used   by   people   you   do   not   know.   Our   policies   do   not   extend   to
anything   that   is   inherent   in   the   operation   of   the   Internet,   and
therefore    beyond    our    control.    We    take    no    responsibility    for
information collected by third parties.
Your Acceptance of These Terms
By   using   this   site,   you   indicate   your   agreement   to   this   Privacy
Policy.   If   you   do   not   agree   with   this   Privacy   Policy   then   do   not
use    this    site.    Your    continued    use    of    this    site    following    any
changes   to   this   privacy   policy   constitutes   your   acceptance   of
such changes.